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FOX Business
Mar 27, 2013 9:20am EDT
contracts. the contest winners have to shell out $1500. they will have to go to new york, san francisco or l.a. to pick them up. privacy will be a huge problem with google class. that is next. ♪ doublemoco ♪ charles: this song won a disabled man $8000 in court. he was stuck on a disney ride for a half-hour and stuff to listen to that song on repeat. he claims he was the only passenger not rescued when the ride failed. the company is changing the look of its american icon. the jeep cherokee. they are making it more european. google class has not hit stores shelves yet. joining us now is an expert that is not buying all of the negativism. >> i do not buy it at all. we heard the same thing when smart phones came out. now, everybody carries them in their pocket and nobody talks about it. space -- charles: i would be a little upset if they pointed it at me. can we see some of that initially? >> you will see that and people will suspect that. how many people walk around like this with their phones in front of them? i think it is much to do about nothing. you will see people wear
FOX Business
Mar 14, 2013 9:20am EDT
varney liz: you know, mike reagan, e-mac here, i think the metro area of san francisco has left the past ten years, but from where you sit, what is the feedback you're hearing from the taxpayers in california. are they waking up, noticing what's going on in sacramento? are they getting it, what's wrong with the tax structure in the state? what are you hearing? >> if there's a good side to it in the election last tuesday, the fact they didn't vote to increase sales taxes once again, in los angeles, and they're trying to do that, the mayor was threatening us of course with losing our fire department and police department, sounds familiar. i don't think they've really woken up yet and what you have an is two-thirds super majority in sacramento of in fact, democrats, and that causes a problem because they can do anything and everything they in fact want to do. and so i don't think that california has woken up to this yet, but they will and they will rue the day they voted to raise taxes in november. charles: mike, as much as i would love for you to move to new jersey so i could hang out
FOX Business
Mar 22, 2013 9:20am EDT
traded $95. san francisco-based company. obviously it was a $14 ipo. trading as high as 1995. stuart: a very big move. the chief executive will be on the show letter. tomorrow marks the first anniversary of obamacare. citing this huge affordable carrot into law. could he know beat on raveling? we have an overwhelming bipartisan vote in the senate which repealed the tax on medical devices. and then we have health insurance warming of -- warning of much higher premiums when the -- when obamacare takes effect. let's bring in president of the american enterprise institute. wishful thinking that i'm saying that obamacare unravels before it takes effect? >> that is a little bit of wishful thinking, and i join you in your optimism. at think number one, the vote yesterday, a nonbinding resolution. the only way to roll back the device manufacturer tax is rick comprehensive tax reform. and expressive motion, and what it says is the first thing we have to know. that obamacare is starting to bite, and when it does people are not going to like what happens. stuart: he think there is enough politi
FOX Business
Mar 18, 2013 9:20am EDT
entire city of san francisco to lead over a six-year period for bill maher to understand what it's like to live in california. stuart: nicely put. charles: a week ago he said that bloomberg's soda ban looked bad. now he is on this. anyone who really works hard for their money has a point. i think he has reached it. i bet something awful happened where he saw the money being squandered. you could even say you are patriotic. i think most people would step up and say i will pay extra. to take the money, compensated and wasted to the degree that it is wasted -- liz: the comedian said, you think health care is expensive now, wait until you see how much it cost when it is free. stuart: doctor ben carson strikes again. he was critical of president obama as he was sitting right next to him. now he is warning about our debt problem. he says the president is destroying the nation. >> let's say they wanted to destroy this nation. i would create division among the people. undermine the financial stability of the country. it appears coincidentally. [ laughter ] >> that those are the very things
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4